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Paolo and Jesus



Our photography comes from the curiosity we feel towards the world, the people who live it and their stories…we love to tell the most intense moments linking the emotions of a life to the light that surrounds them.

Fusion Photo is a collective of photographers that comes from an idea of Paolo and Jesus, from an almost random meeting that made us know few years ago.

Cultivating over time our friendship and the great love for the work we do, we decided to combine our experiences to make a wish: to tell the beauty hidden in the most important moments of life.

Along the way we’ve welcomed some new traveling companions among us and the family has expanded. Each of us has his own experience and sensitivity, values ​​that we share between us and that enrich our adventure every day.

We work by proposing a natural and spontaneous photography: the photographer doesn’t create the moment in an artificial way but it is the atmosphere that surrounds him to stimulate his sensitivity.

We do not like posing photography, we prefer to write the story of your wedding by shooting real images, which portray the moments for how you lived them.

We photograph to give you back a precious thing, your most important memories.

We work all around Italy: the most prestigious Italian locations highlights our best pictures. From Langhe area in Piedmont, to Como Lake, passing through Ligurian seaside, Centre and South of Italy, we travel all around our country to photograph weddings.

We love travelling, that’s why our work frequently bring us around Europe: Spain, France and Switzerland are our home!

If you need, contact us, we’re always ready to be anywhere you want, ready to photograph your special day.

Il nostro Team



In '98 I left my beloved Andalusian land to specialize in Stuttgart. After 5 years, not satisfied, I went back to Spain, to Madrid, to study and work with the big names in photography. For some years now I have arrived in Italy to create my own photography studio. What to say? I traveled all over Europe to pursue my dream: photography.


I love the idea of photographing people and their lives, it is what allows me to see those extraordinary things hidden in ordinary life. I am always looking for stories to tell, love ones are what attracts me most because through them the dreams of entire generations are become true.


The most fascinating challenge is to be invisible storytellers. A delicate eye knows how to discover the most exciting lines of what he sees. I love stories telling her like this.


I really feel myself behind the camera. I love putting people in my shots because they are movement ... and a snapshot is anything but a static moment.



We realize reportage: we like to tell your wedding in a free and spontaneous way, without forcing you in static poses. Our style allows us to be prying and not intrusive, we don’t interfere with the natural unfolding of the day at all because we want to capture the moments in their spontaneity. This is what we love to do more than anything else!
We believe that “our” couple should feel relaxed, without feeling the presence of the photographer, so we offer the possibility of creating a free pre-reportage few weeks before the wedding. It is a photographic session that takes little time, with which we can break the ice. It’s also a way to have beautiful pair of pictures beyond of those of the big day!
Our reports are always made by two professional photographers.


Your memories are to be stored for a long time and in the best way, that’s why you should have them stamped on the paper, so you can hold in your hands and relive them whenever you want.
We carry different types of albums: photo books, traditional and wedding box, all hand-made by the best Italian craftsmen.
Depending on the type of book that you choose you will have different varieties of photo paper (matte, glossy, metal and fine art) as well as covers, all customizable.
Each album is always delivered with a DVD containing the pictures in digital format.

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